“It’s not enough to purpose yourself. You have to create a sense of purpose for others” – Mark Zuckerberg (Co-founder & CEO of Facebook)

Heath Loans, with their efficient and always-available service, provides clients with top quality mortgage solutions to make home ownership affordable at the lowest possible rates. Through their multidimensional approach, it becomes easier for an individual running separately, to fulfill his areas of interest and seek all the info, from one particular channel/medium. Eyeing a mortgage loan is easy, but being eligible for one is another alternate dimension altogether. Why do we call it a dimension? Since there is no shortcut to cross-through or skip the whole routine process.

“Mortgage Solutions – Only top quality options.”

Qualifying for a mortgage – The ability to qualify for a mortgage depends upon several key factors; most of them make the buyers stand at a vulnerable position where they end up in a problematic situation, thus failing to find the right type of mortgage solution! But with Heath Loans – you get along with experienced agents with over a decade long experience in providing helpful mortgage solutions for first home buyers, VA, FHA, Conventional, creative niche loans, high rise condos, bank statement loans, and loans for the investor to acquire, fix and flip. No matter the type of real estate mortgage – you go for the mortgage that is advised to be just right for you!

But before you set out to pursue the right type of mortgage loan – make sure that you are eligible for one, by checking the following two conditions beforehand;

1 – Saving Enough for Down Payment:
Saving for down payment is the most prominent obstacle, and the first and foremost step that you should take up on priority. This is because many lenders or most of them want you to put down 20% of the sales price of a home to avoid being hit with mortgage insurance fees.

2 – Credit Score or Credit History:
Your credit score is a number, that is issued by the Fair Issac Corporation (FIC) for three distinctive bureaus, namely – TransUnion, Experian, and, Equifax. The three distinguishing bureaus allot individual credit score, which is then picked up lenders by taking out the median of all three counts.